Episode 76 - The Torment, The Release

Dearest Wife,


 I know not how this letter will find you. I do hope that it is on the fairest of days and that it brings you some comfort that your husband is alive and well and thinking of you. Our regiment has moved again, this time to Xinti, and is preparing for another engagement with the enemy in the coming days. I am eating well and getting enough rest, though my pre-fab quarters could stand to have a few less vermin in them if you ask me. 


 Since the great powers in this New Systems Commonwealth have now decided to part ways in their ideals, we citizens of it are now forced to take up arms against one another. I for one am proud to stand for the ideals of the Commonwealth against these rebellious Collectors. Rest assured I will make you proud and will endeavor to return home to you as soon as possible, this war permitting. 


 -Your loving husband  


 (excerpt from Civil War Letters of the Commonwealth Army - CY 10098)

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