Drive Back the Night

An episodic discussion of the sci-fi television series Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.

July 8th, 2022    

Episode 81 - Lost In A Space That Isn’t There

 For months now, Beka Valentine hasn't seemed quite herself. Now, as Andromeda is hounded by the Collector's bounty hunters, an explanation for Beka's erratic behavior is going to be brought to light. Buckle up, pick out your favorite pair of VR goggles and relive old times with us because, it's a clip show! And if your VR play area is anything like mine, then try not to get "Lost In A Space That Isn't There".

June 24th, 2022    

Episode 80 - Fear Burns Down To Ashes

 Rev Bem returns! Though it becomes clear pretty quick that he isn't quite himself (and we are not just talking about the lack of fur either). Can Dylan save our beloved Rev from a bad trip? Can Beka and Rhade throw down the gauntlet and beat the Collectors to help Dylan and Rev? Can Trance and Rommie spend 5 minutes in a room with Harper without him saying something inappropriate? Find out as Fear Burns Down To Ashes

June 3rd, 2022    

Episode 79 - The Others

For 5000 years the Trillan's lived apart. After several millennia of war, a deadly phage now sweeps through part of the population. Will Dylan and crew resolve their issues in time to save a people from certain death? This episode certainly tries to make you believe that's what will happen. However, come along as we discuss all the elements of this episode that spell out the final doom of the Trillan race in "The Others"


Also, check out "The Nietzscean Podcast" by David Hayes



April 9th, 2022    

Episode 78 - The Warmth of an Invisible Light

Dylan Hunt is zapped into an alternate universe where the old Commonwealth survived...only to be corrupted by an evil Harper. The powers of light and darkness are pitted against one another again. What will be the consequences of this epic struggle? Find out as we bask in "The Warmth of an Invisible Light."

March 19th, 2022    

Episode 77 - The Spider’s Stratagem

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up into the tower.

She started spinning thread, which creeped us all out.

Up came Dylan Hunt and cut off all the thread,

So the itsy bitsy spider came out the tower again. 


Snuggle up in your favorite fabric and listen to the tale of The Spider's Stratagem.


February 26th, 2022    

Episode 76 - The Torment, The Release

Dearest Wife,


 I know not how this letter will find you. I do hope that it is on the fairest of days and that it brings you some comfort that your husband is alive and well and thinking of you. Our regiment has moved again, this time to Xinti, and is preparing for another engagement with the enemy in the coming days. I am eating well and getting enough rest, though my pre-fab quarters could stand to have a few less vermin in them if you ask me. 


 Since the great powers in this New Systems Commonwealth have now decided to part ways in their ideals, we citizens of it are now forced to take up arms against one another. I for one am proud to stand for the ideals of the Commonwealth against these rebellious Collectors. Rest assured I will make you proud and will endeavor to return home to you as soon as possible, this war permitting. 


 -Your loving husband  


 (excerpt from Civil War Letters of the Commonwealth Army - CY 10098)

February 18th, 2022    

Episode 75 - Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter

Life as a royal is hard. Managing 300 planets is a thankless job. So when your preening princess of a daughter starts to steal some of your thunder and becomes a favorite of the masses, its time to take her out. At least that's what Shineoa San thought he was doing when he loaded his daughter on a ship and sent her off to her doom. But his plan backfired when the very pirate he thought was going to kill her fell in love with her instead. Now he's chased them down into some enzyme swamp on a no-name backwater world to finish the job. Jim Byrnes stars in "Falling Down 2 - Misculon Nights"


Also, Andromeda and crew are in here as well in the actual episode title: "Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter"

February 5th, 2022    

Episode 74 - Machinery of The Mind

A conference of the galaxies greatest minds is convened to brainstorm about the Magog Worldship and what could be done to prevent disaster. Who better to put in charge of this meeting of the minds? Seamus Harper. No, we don't think that was a particularly smart idea either, but Dylan was called away on another matter so this is what we got. It's an episode of intrigue, name calling, lots of sass, and yes, brains: "Machinery of The Mind".

January 22nd, 2022    

Episode 73 - Conduit to Destiny

Welcome back to Drive Back the Night, in this episode: Dylan fulfills a 300 year old prophecy. Beka and Rhade get stumped by these faux walls. A young woman is reunited with her Spencer Gift's toy, and Harper loses a jacket. So sit back, switch over and hope we don't have a burnout in the "Conduit to Destiny". 

August 7th, 2021    

Episode 72 - Soon The Nearing Vortex/The World Turns All Around Her

It's a massive two part discussion event as we consider the return of Tyr Anasazi, the imminent arrival of the Magog World Ship, a new crew member and the nature of Trance Gemini. But mainly we discuss the closing out of Tyr's story. It's an episode 6 month's in the making! Enjoy our discussion of both of the episodes "Soon The Nearing Vortex" & "The World Turns All Around Her".

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