Drive Back the Night

An episodic discussion of the sci-fi television series Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda.

October 11th, 2019    

Episode 62 - Deep Midnight’s Voice

Before the fall, Nietzschean scientists launched an incredible project to map slipspace. If the legend proves to be true and the resurgent Drago-Kasov are able to locate it, it could spell disaster for Andromeda and the New Systems Commonwealth. Will Dylan and crew find evidence of this mythical project before their enemies? We find out in this week's episode, Deep Midnight's Voice

October 4th, 2019    

Episode 61 - Vault of the Heavens

 Harper races Andromeda and Dylan is hearing voices in his head. Oddly, both of these actions lead Dylan and company to the moon Ymir. The lives of the population of the planet hang in the balance, all Dylan has to do to save them is agree to procreate with the Ymir queen. But like in any relationship, things get complicated. It's Vault of the Heavens. 

July 18th, 2019    

Episode 60 - Point of the Spear

 All hands on deck as the Pyrians return and they are itching to start a fight. Dylan and crew, and crew, and even more crew, are ready to make a stand for the Commonwealth and the colonists of Samsarra. But not everything is as it seems in this battle. Loyalties are beginning to shift and tempers flare in this explosive episode, Point of the Spear.

May 12th, 2019    

Episode 59 - What Happens To A Rev Deferred

 Hello Magog, hello Spirit of the Abyss, hello Rev Bem! It is the return of everyone's favorite peace loving Magog, Reverend Bohemial Far Traveller. We relive Rev's greatest moments with our crew from past seasons and take a spiritual journey with the galaxies favorite furry. So let's all hold hand's and follow the light, don't get side-tracked, let's see What Happens To A Rev Deferred.

March 29th, 2019    

Episode 58 - The Right Horse

 Beka journey's to Veras to be a character witness for an old friend. But it ends up being her character that we question in this episode of Andromeda. Dylan's away on a business trip, so let's see how the crew handles a tough situation while the boss is away. We're laying odds that things will get crazy. Place your bets, it's The Right Horse.

March 17th, 2019    

Episode 57 - The Risk All Point

 Dylan is ready to let his hair down and dust off the dress uniform. It's time for a good ole fashioned ship christening! After 300 years, the New Systems Commonwealth is rolling new state-of-the-art warships off the line and into the service of protecting the galaxies. Everything is coming together nicely, until it starts flying apart when the Maru arrives. Be sure to buckle up for this one, because Dylan didn't and may be nursing some bruises for a few days. It's time for The Risk All Point. 

March 3rd, 2019    

Episode 56 - The Dark Backward

 WANTED - Unknown villain seeks henchman to do evil bidding. Candidate must be at least 2.5 meters tall, of stout build and capable of pulling magnetically welded panels from walls. Technical experience in slipstream drives a plus. Name, language skills and character references are not necessary. Perks of the position include use of mysterious 12,000 year old body armor with immunity to bullets and the capability of tesseracting through space. The time frame of the particular project we have for the candidate is...complicated.

 Please reference "The Dark Backward" on all resume submissions. 

February 17th, 2019    

Episode 55 - Delenda Est

 Dylan and crew are visited by some old friends with a score to settle. It's a return of the Pocket Universe creatures and they are ready to finish what was started a few months ago. Will Dylan and the team pass the test? Find out as we examine Delenda Est.

June 20th, 2018    

Episode 54 - The Unconquerable Man

 What if Dylan Hunt wasn't the man to bring civilization to the Universe, to lead the galaxies back to the harmony of the New Systems Commonwealth? What if Gheris Rhade had bested Dylan and taken over? Would he have done a better job? Would his philosophy and world view have made a better tommorow? We find out in this week's episode of Andromeda. Oh yeah, it's also a clipshow...

April 18th, 2018    

Episode 53 - And Your Heart Will Fly Away

  Andromeda plays host to The Bold and The Beautiful, although Tyr has to go to Another World to locate one of them. For Tyr and Bartolome there's the Bright Promise of Loving Desiree. But one is seeking Revenge, and the other simply wants to preserve his Dynasty. Passions flare in this Triangle. Desiree only has One Life To Live and makes some tough choices in this episode. Get set for this whirlwind of a ride, And Your Heart Will Fly Away.

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